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Top steel producers in 2015


According to Wikipedia, stainless , steel production is slowly declining over the past year and the continued instability in a kind of competition between steel mills and iron ore suppliers and customers in the automotive sector with the story. The proposed 25 steel producers have a total of 669 million tonnes, including 41 percent of total world production. In 2014, their share about 43 percent of global production of 711 million tonnes


Plant ArcelorMittal (ArcelorMittal) Luxembourg is the world's first manufacturer to produce 92 million 5 thousand tons, followed by iron and steel plant Hebei (Hebei) China produced 47 million and 8 thousand tons in the second, Steel Japan (Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal ) ranks third with a production of 44 million and 9 million tons, South Korea's POSCO (Posco) with production of 38 million tonnes in the fourth and factories in China Baosteel (Baosteel) with production of 34 million and 9 million people are in fifth place

Then the rest of the 25 listed steel manufacturer  


Shagng factory (Shagang), China with a production of 34 million and 2 tons in sixth 

N-acetyl-called factory (Angang) has produced 31 million and 6 thousand tons in the seventh

FA J Steel Plant (JFE) Japan and 8 production of 29 million tons in the eighth

Shvgang factory (Shougang) China produced 28 million and 6 thousand tons in ninth 

Iron and steel plant in Wuhan (Wuhan) China produced 25 million tons in the 8 th 

Tata Steel (Tata Steel) in India with a production of 25 million tons, ranking eleventh 6

Shandong Iron and Steel Plant (Shandong) China produced 21 million tons in the twelfth 7 

Hyundai Steel Plant (Hyundai) South Korea with a production of 20 million tons, ranking thirteenth 5 

Nakur Steel (Nucor) manufacture 19 million and 5 million people in America with the fourth rank 

Channel Steel Plant (Maanshan), China with 18 million tons, ranking 8 th 

Thyssen steel plant (ThyssenKrupp) Germany with production of 17 million and 2 tons, ranking sixteenth 

Grdayv factory (Gerdau) Brazil to produce 16 million tons, ranking seventh and ninth 

Odor plants (Bohai) China produced 16 million tons, ranking eighteenth 3

MK NLP plant (NLMK), Russia produced 15 million tons, ranking 9 th 

Jyanglv steel plant (Jianlong) China produced 15 million tons in the first twentieth 

Bngzhy factory (Benxi) China produced 15 million tons in the twenty-first 

The first factory (Valin) China produced 14 million and 9 thousand tons in the second twenty 

Steel America (US steel) with a production of 14 million tons, ranking sixth twenty-third 

China Steel Group (China steel group) in Taiwan with production of 14 million tons, ranking twenty fourth and fifth

 Finally Oraz plant (Evraz) Russia produced 14 million and 3 thousand tons, ranking twenty-fifth.  

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